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As a parent we know you see everything.  You have eyes in the back and the side and the top of your head too.

Have you seen these Signs that tell you  your K-6 child may be struggling in math?

Uses fingers for counting
Prints numbers incorrectly
Reports boredom in math class
Exhibits disorganization
Says math teacher does not teach or help

Missing key milestones:

add and subtract mentally  before 3rd grade,

multiply and divide before  4th grade,

fraction fluency before 6th grade.
Caught cheating on an assignment or test
 ā€œIā€™m no good at math.ā€
Has trouble telling time or making change

ā€‹offers a

high-energy,creative, unique

approach to math tutoring for grades K-6

Parents..... Math is "owlsome" and necessary

But you already know that!!  aMUSEinMATH will partner with your young learner so that they know math is "owlsome" too!! Your intuition affirms studies which show that proficiency in early math skills is the strongest predictor of a student's long-term academic success.  If your kindergarten through grade 6 student exhibits signs of struggling and needs to catch up, stay on track, or would like to reach ahead in math, then they would benefit from our engaging program, created just for them.

We are located in the amazing town of Carleton Place, Ontario and have served students from Stittsville, Richmond, Munster, Pakenham, Beckwith, Westboro and Almonte.