And some of the texts that I've received......

You are one of  the kindest woman I know......I hired you to help my daughter but it turns out you have been beneficial for me as well........Thanks for today. How was I so lucky to meet you!!??  You are a phenomenal lady.........We are addicted to the board game you sent home.  May we borrow it for a bit.  My boys have been playing it as well........  I'm so thankful to have found you.........Hey, I never had a chance to thank you for the extra time you spend with our son,  We so appreciate you and are glad that we found you. We love you.. Oh, and we don't lose you next year do we?  I know your site says up to grade 6........  You're so awesome.Thank you. He got a prize yesterday for answering a bonus question. He was quite proud........  He enjoys being with you and learning.  It makes such a difference............... thank you so much for brightening his mood. He absolutely enjoys  his time with you.  We love you so much....She had a fabulous time and is in the best mood right now.  Thank you friend...


aka people who are willing to boast on my behalf :)

My child has had such a great experience with Laura.  I was amazed at what my daughter had learned after just the first session.  Laura was able to teach my daughter they way that she learns and because of this she was able to quickly learn new math skills each week.  Laura sent home new math games after each session so that the whole family could play.  I would highly recommend Laura for a Math Tutor!    Natasha from Smiths Falls

To Laura,  Thank you for teaching me all the math you could this year.  I loved all the games that you taught me with math because the games were fun to learn and play with you and my family.  I hope I will see you again for math or on weekends because after our last lesson I will miss you on Mondays when you pick me up after school.  I think that  you have made me improve in math class because I have improved on my math skills. Love Grace

 Grade 4 student, St. Marys

Laura has been a huge help to my son in his confidence and he enjoys going to see her and getting the help he needs each week.  She goes above and beyond for her students investing herself in them to see that they are successful. He looks forward to the learning games each week as his homework.   Laura seems well informed on many teaching methods and understands how my son learns, what his needs are and the challenges he faces.  The biggest relief as a parent is knowing she understands where he’s at and where he needs to be. 

                                                                                                          Heather, mom of a grade 5 student

So I'd just like to share an experience we had tonight. tonight was my nearly 9 year olds first tutoring session with Laura Bains of aMUSEinMATH. He has struggled with anxiety for a long time and lacks self confidence. school work-however proficient he is, has been a struggle because he believes he isn't smart-despite good grades and reassurance. Laura spent an hour with him tonight using play based learning and fun and he was so excited to learn she was returning next week. My kid doesn't get enthusiastic about much. And what a dream to see him hug me after she left with a content smile on his face. self esteem is everything! So I'm letting you know she has two spots left this summer and if you have a child who could use support over the summer I highly recommend her. I happen to be lucky enough to be getting to know her as a person outside of this and can tell you she's true blue good people with a gift.

-                                                                   Ashley, posted on Facebook review site, mom of grade 3 student

Laura understands how important it is for kids to be armed with the basics of math and how engaging their memory plays an important role in helping them have the confidence to learn more advanced concepts. She makes math fun. With enthusiasm she used games and cards to help my daughter memorize addition, subtraction and multiplication. Once my daughter had gained the confidence in her knowledge of the basics, math was fun for her again, and she excelled for the remainder of the school year. In fact, my son who would just sit back and watch Laura tutor my daughter, has asked if he can have a tutor too (even though he really doesn't need one!). I will be hiring Laura again, not because my children need the help any longer, but because her techniques make them think about math in a different light, and her close observations of their learning styles has helped me also figure out how to better help them with their math homework. The whole house was happier when Laura came swooping in to assist my daughter.  This is something I feel is much needed around here. Plus she is not your typical tutor who sits down and goes through text books. Instead you use techniques to help them easily learn what is going on at school. I am so glad to see you doing this!!Highly recommend!                                                                                  -Sherrie, mom of a grade 3 student

We started with Laura just over a month ago for my grade 6 daughter. My daughter is very happy, as are we. We look forward to her being confident in math and picking up the basics she has missed along the way. Thank you Laura! We still have a way to go with Morgan I think, but I know you are a perfect fit for her and she will be able to understand and get it with the way you teach! :) THANK YOU!

                                                                                                  -Jana, mom of a grade 6 student

Would recommend Laura Bains for anyone looking for help for their young ones! She is working with Chloe right now and Chloe absolutely LOVES her!         

                                                                                                   -Cherry, mom of a grade 3 student

Laura gives meaning to enthusiasm and energy!!! She is creative, determined and compassionate! Laura pours herself into everything that she commits to! She is passionate about math and pours that out on anyone she is helping!                                                                                                   -Kerry, mom of 4 children

"Laura was energetic, enthusiastic and patient! She made math fun. I went from struggling in math to being on the honour roll. Thanks so much                                                                            -grade 6 student

Laura gave my son the confidence to believe in himself academically and helped him understand Math in a way he couldn’t at school. Laura has very unique ways of teaching that include, but are not limited to, tons of card and board games which helped to make this a fun challenge for my son and increase his knowledge of Math in a fun approachable manner. Laura would often send numerous fun resources and games home with my son each week to further develop his math skills between tutor sessions and the resources she chose made his learning feel more like fun then actual work. Laura taught my son so much in such a short time and has made a tremendous difference to his overall confidence with regards to learning. I am very grateful to her and would highly recommend her without hesitation! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Teri, mom of Grade 5 student