More than excited to be launching aMUSEinMATH at the Learning Expo in Carleton Place January 2016

Even though I still have 5 years to go... LOL!!!

Apr 18, 2016 
New tutoring program in the business of making math fun

 aMUSEinMATHis pleased to present "Task Charts .. empowering your children   through chores"  a learning seminar for parents in Lanark County.  Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about this awesome resource.  Thanks!!

Laura teaching our littles science in a really fun way, dressed as a Professor Molecule :)

aMUSEinMATH helped this little owlet remember that "learning is owlsome".

aRISE Learning Centre Launches in Carleton Place

Doing Education Differently. Awakening Brilliance Daily.

aRISE Learning Centre is an innovative educational approach that offers the combined best aspects of homeschooling, private school, extracurricular academic activities, and public school.  Students work at their own speed, relearning social skills, learning academic skills and the basics of the math and language curriculum. 

 Many students are struggling to understand even the basics.  How do you feel when you are confused? Do you have a tendency to mentally leave the conversation, or shut down, or ultimately believe the worst about yourself?  I noticed these behaviours in my tutoring sessions and created aRISE Learning Centre to help students to avoid those same destructive feelings.

  aRISE Learning Centre has 3 session times each day the centre is open to accommodate all schedules.  Each session is 2.5 hours long, so students receive 7.5 hours of instruction per week. There are 3 terms in a 12 month period. Students attend their home school during normal school hours when they are not at aRISE Learning Centre, to stay caught up in other subject areas and to enjoy the social and group benefits of their normal classroom.

 Your student will enjoy learning in a stress free, non-competitive home environment. Changing their environment changes the learning opportunities as proven with my work with Mathletes and aMUSEinMATH.

Laura Bains, owner of aMUSEinMATH, works and plays, using cards and balloons, to teach division and multiplication to student, Jenna Moore

Empowering with learning
Cait Morton, CarletonPlace Almonte Canadian Gazette

Making math fun is no easy task, but Laura Bains is up to challenge. Launched Jan. 16, aMUSEinMATH is “high energy, friendly, tactile and fun,” buzzwords that you wouldn’t usually associate with math.

Bains, who has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo and Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa, started the Carleton Place-based aMUSEinMATH after successfully homeschooling her two children up to grade 6.

After her children were integrated back into the school system, Bains began working as a motivational speaker for kindergarten to grade 6 students. While travelling to a variety of schools in the area, she noticed that students who were struggling tend to have gaps in their learning that go as far back as kindergarten.

“I used to go into schools with a bag full of games and go talk to teachers and ask, ‘which kids can I help today?” said Bains. “I knew that there were gaps and I knew that if I could have one-on-one time with these kids and present [math] in a different way, they would get it.”

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Laura Bains, Outstanding Community Volunteer

Article published in Young at Heart - Ottawa and the Valley’s Newspaper for People Fifty and Over on January 20th, 2016. 

When it was suggested that Laura Bains of Carleton Place deserved to be recognized as an outstanding volunteer in her community, Y@H, after learning of her many hours of volunteering, agreed.

It would appear that for most of her life Bains has devoted her many talents to helping others, and that road has taken her from working with both Brownies and Girl Guides to hours at the Food Bank, along with volunteering with the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce. And the list goes on of the organizations which have benefitted from her giving back.

She has gone beyond her own town too, having helped the Almonte Lions Club with their community dinners, and in neighbouring Beckwith Township, where it was known that neighbours had a key to her house to use in case they had an emergency and needed a place to stay.

Bains has a rich tenor voice and also volunteers with the Carleton Place Town Singers, and on Mondays she can be found at the local arena skating with the town’s seniors, and helping them stay upright.

She has been a valuable volunteer with the Mississippi Mudds, a local theatrical group, working as a stagehand, running lights, booking ushers, selling tickets or filling any other slot where an extra pair of hands was needed.

Bains, who home-schooled her two children, knows first-hand how important one-to-one teaching is, and now is a valued volunteer at an elementary school in Carleton Place.  She devotes much time to the local schools as a motivational speaker, and a new venture, where her tutoring skills will be put to good use, is about to become a reality.  Although there will be a nominal fee attached to the program to cover her expenses, Bains will be giving a percentage of her earnings back into her community and local charities.

Y@H congratulates Laura Bains, her dedication as a volunteer, and her many hours of making her community a better place to live in.