• It's amusin’ math.  It’s high energy, friendly, tactile and fun
  • It’s a “muse in math”.  It’s somebody who personifies the inspiration of knowledge and creativity embodied in arts and sciences
  • It's our dream to hear I "am usin' " math from our students!!
  • We find and fill the gaps in elementary learning through one-on-one tutoring
  • Our program is specifically designed to meet your goals and change your student's perceptions -  increasing their confidence
  • Our sessions are divided to feature our unique tactile approach and engaging kinesthetic activities, in addition to the traditional pencil &paper exercises; each session element is designed to multiply impact while removing and subtracting the roadblocks which hinder your child’s progress
  • Every session will conclude outlining suggestions to continue developing math skills at home.
  • Our methods are designed to expand your child’s math foundation and allow them to make an easy and necessary transition from concrete to abstract thinking for future success. 
  • And we will have a lot of fun and laughs while we journey together.

WHY didn’t a tutor put any spaces in aMUSEinMATH? 

Because we simply love to entertain your inquiries.  We love games, and word plays, and allowance for brain development.  We love looking at things differently.  We love that you are still reading and questioning and learning and made it to the end (of this web page).  We intend to encourage the same in your child.  Congratulations on setting a fine example.

What is aMUSEinMATH? 

Of course we can answer all your questions with the 5 W's. 

Isn't that what you would expect from an academic tutor?

WHEN can I get started?

Sign up today on the contact page.  Lets meet to discuss how we can partner together for your student's success!!!  Call or text us at 613-250-9663 or sign up on the contacts page.


And last but not least,and just for fun...

WHO is the MUSE partnering with my child?

She is Laura Bains, BSc. B.Ed, CID and she is

  • Creator and instructor at aRISE Learning Centre where its
    • Education Done Differently. Awakening Brilliance Daily.
  • Values traditional teaching approaches as a certified grade 4 through 10 teacher
  • Successfully homeschooled 2 children from kindergarten through grade 6 using a variety of imaginative approaches
  • Possesses a proven tutoring success record for many students and families
  • Facilitates Math Olympiad events designed to change attitudes towards math at elementary schools across Eastern Ontario
  • Loves being with children
  • Exudes creativity through interior decorating, theatre, music and event planning
  • Is a very involved citizen in Carleton Place, and continues to  contribute to the many lives and organizations that make this area such a great place to live
  • Flip over to the "bonus features" tab to read more about her @ //www.youngatheartnewspaper.ca/?p=1587